Monday, January 2, 2012

Key Hooks

This was made to welcome my fiance.  He has mentioned a couple of times that we needed a place to hang keys.  He had one at his house, and missed it when he was at my house.  Soon, my house will become our house when he moves over here, and I wanted a few things to welcome him. 

This was made from a honest-to-goodness barnwood frame that had been made for a cross-stitch project I received as a gift many years ago.  I had long ago shelved the project, as it no longer matched my decor, but always wanted a reason to re-purpose the frame.  I had to alter it is bit, as it was homemade and the glass did not quite fit right.  It is now a traditional 11 X 14 frame.  I framed the picture (one of my favorites from our original engagement session) and added the cup hooks below.